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Welcome to our forklift Repair FAQ Page.  We get a wide variety of questions from customers like yourself.  Enjoy!

Question:  What types of forklifts can you repair?

Answer: We repair all major brands including, Nissan, Toyota, Yale-Hyster, Crown, Komatsu and Raymond brand forklifts.

Question: What is the difference between a CAT C5000 and CAT P5000?

Answer: CAT C5000,C stands for Cushion Tired for warehouse usage.  The CAT P5000,P stands for  Pnumatic Tires for Outdoor use.  In addition the Mitsubishi FG25 which stands for Forklift/Gas 2.5 Ton

Question: What are the different types of forklift tires?

Answer:  There are two main types of tires for a forklift; cushion and pneumatic. Cushion tires are mainly for indoor use and come in either traction or smooth types. Pneumatic tires come in either air or solid pneumatic. Solid pneumatic are a solid rubber tire shaped like an air tire and an air tire is just how it sounds.


Forklift FAQ

Question: What type of forklift motor is the best- internal combustion(gas, lp, diesel) or electric?

Answer: It depends on your application. Each power source has its advantages and disadvantages. Internal combustion engines have more variable power, generate more torque, and are much more mobile in that refueling can be done anywhere. They do, however, require more maintenance and emit noticeable emissions. Electric forklifts are fume free, have less moving parts, which means less overall maintenance, quiet and clean, and easy to use. Their drawback is an eight hour recharge time when it runs out of power and the forklift needs to be returned to a charger every time.  How and where you use a forklift will be a big determinate in what will be best for you. We can provide the solution if you ask us!





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